Monday, May 22, 2017

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Just Pure Strips Teeth Whitening Review

Product: Just Pure Strips Made by: Just Pure Strips Costs: £13.97 (On sale at the moment on For: not to heavily stained teeth Instructions: Very easy to follow Score: 8 out of 10     We all want to have the perfect smile and we all love looking at one, so what´s the best way to get one? There are so many products out there that so many options can actually confuse you. I have tried so […]

Harvey&Coco Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews

Product: Teeth Whitening Kit Advanced Gel Made by: Harvey&Coco (English brand) Costs: £20.00 (On sale at the moment on For: For medium stained teeth Instructions: Very easy to follow Score: 9 out of 10     I just love Harvey&Coco and not just because it´s an English brand, it´s the quality of all of their products. I´m a bit of a teeth whitening freak and personal experience has made me an expert on different types of […]

Briyte Teeth Whitening Kit Reviews Pro

Product: Briyte Teeth Whitening Kit Made by: Briyte Costs: £20.00 (On sale at the moment on For: effective for more heavily stained teeth Instructions: In French so for me not so easy to read Score: 8 out of 10     If you´re really serious about using teeth whitening products this professional kit could be the way for you to start whitening your teeth. It´s a bit more complicated to use and more expensive then other […]

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